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Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun and Easy Quilt Pattern for Kids!

Well, we've concluded Project K 2008! Shirley Jinks, our MVQ (Most Valuable Quilter), created this year's quilt pattern. We discovered it was both fun and easy for the kids to sew this quilt top. Here is the pattern for those of you who have been emailing asking for quilt patterns for children:

All you have to do is cut strips of fabric according to the measurements above and then assist your child in sewing a 1/4" seam down a straight line. I've found that if you have a 1/4" foot for your sewing machine, you should put it on for your child. The 1/4" foot makes it much easier for children who are just learning to sew.

We choose two fabrics for our quilts this year - one focal fabric and one complimentary fabric - but let your child be the artist! You can do so many fun things with this quilt even though it is a simple pattern. Here are just a few of our quilts that were donated to the refugee children at the International Children's Center in Chicago:

Three-year-old Declan with the quilt top he sewed (with a little help from Mom) for Project K:

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